Lab Pictures
Misen Luu

Misen Luu presenting his poster, Effects of Bran Content, Thermal Treatment, and storage on the Development of Flavor and Intermediate Wheatgrass Flour, at the Cereal and Grains 2019 Conference in Denver Colorado.

Halloween 2019

For Halloween 2019, the Ismail Lab dressed up as "Princess and The Peas" where Pam served as our fearless princess!

AURI Meeting 2019 Ismail Lab, University of Minnesota

Researcher Amy Mathiowetz is joined by graduate students Misen Luu and Rachel Mitacek to give a 3D research presentation about Intermediate Wheat Grass and Pennycress at the AURI semi-annual meeting in February 2019.

Claire and Misen

On Wednesdays, we wear stripes! Graduate students Claire Boyle and Misen Luu serendipitously matching.

Lab 122 Modeling New Lab Coats

Ingrid Cordelino, Chathurada Suge-Gajadeera, Chelsey Hinnenkamp, and Claire Boyle model new lab coats! 

Chathurada, Jenny, and Citra at AACCI 2016 in Savannah, GA

Post-doc Chathurada Suge-Gajadeera, undergraduate researcher Jenny Hayek, and graduate researcher Citra Rahardjo enjoy sunny Savannah, Georgia at the AACCI Annual Conference 2016. The conference was held at the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center in October 2016. Post-doc Catrin Tyl and graduate researcher Amy Mathiowetz also attended. All five presented research. 

Fall 2014 Members

Spring 2015 Members

Misen Product Development

Misen Luu and Brigitta Yapurti placed third in the Cereal and Grains 2019 Product Development Competition with their product "Bran New Taiyaki"!

Ismail lab 2019

Having fun at the Ismail Lab 2019 Summer Fun Fest! Every summer Pam will invite all of her researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate researchers to her house for a traditional Lebanese meal and lots of laughs! The gathering included lots of food, lab member superlatives, a "How Well do You Know Your Labmates?" game, and the always invigorating ping-pong tournament (which Pam always wins). This year was bitter-sweet as we say good-bye to long time researcher, Catrin Tyl as she embarks on her journey to the University of Georgia as a Food Science Professor teaching Food Chemistry.

Pictured (left to right, top row): Daniella Schaefer (a graduate intern from Germany, visiting for the summer), Ian Bukowski (undergraduate researcher), Sonia Han (graduate student), Catrin Tyl (Researcher), Amy Mathiowetz (Researcher and PPIC Administrator), Misen Luu (graduate student), Pam Ismail (principle investigator)

Pictured (left to right, bottom row): Maneka Malalgoda (post-doctoral researcher), Lucy Hansen (graduate student), Rachel Mitacek (graduate student), Chelsey Hinnenkamp (graduate student), Samuel Adler (undergraduate researcher), Fan Bu (graduate student) and Eren (beloved pooch)

Citra Rahardjo and Chathurada Suge-Gajadeera after their oral research presentations at AACCI 2016

Graduate researcher Citra Rahardjo and post-doctoral researcher Chathurada Suge-Gajadeera (pictured respectively), gave oral presenations at the 2016 AACCI conference in Savannah, Georgia. Their presentations were entitled, "Chemical Characterization, Functionality, and Baking Quality of Intermediate Wheatgrass (Thinopyrum intermedium)" and "Effect of Bran Reduction on Gluten Secondary Structure in Intermediate Wheatgrass (Thinopyrum intermedium) Dough," respectively.

Halloween 2016 Lab Group Photo

FScN Department Halloween Party 2016. First place: Lab 122 Harry Potter gang!

Halloween 2015! From left to right: Gargamel and Azrael (Pam and her cat), Smurfette (Matt), Chef Smurf (Reilly), Lazy Smurf (Alex), Painter Smurf (Sonia), Grouchy Smurf (Cati), Handy Smurf (Erica), Papa Smurf (Chelsey), Wild Smurf (Citra), Farmer Smurf (Amy), Harmony Smurf (Chathurada), and Vanity Smurf (Jenny).

AACCI 2016, October 23-26, Savannah, GA

Lab post-docs Chathurada Suge-Gajadeera and Catrin Tyl, graduate students Amy Mathiowetz and Citra Rahardjo, and undergraduate Jenny Hayek attended the AACCI Conference in October 2016 in Savannah, GA

IFT 2020 Dinner Meeting

Lab Members Chelsey Hinnenkamp, Rachel Mitacek, Misen Luu and Laura Eckhardt enjoyed their time at the MN IFT February 2020 Dinner Meeting where they participated in the Silent Auction and heard about some exciting perspectives of marketing in plant protein ingredients.

PPIC Research Spotlight

Lucy Hansen, Laura Eckhardt, Maneka Malalgoda, Allie Schneider, and Sonia Han enjoying a small snack break at the Plant Protein Innovation Center's first Annual Research Spotlight. At this event the graduate students had the opportunity to show off their research progress in poster presentations to all who attended the meeting!

Ismail Lab Members 2018, University of Minnesota

On Fridays, we wear flannel!

Chelsey Hinnenkamp

Chelsey Hinnenkamp, almost Ph.D. Candidate has been working on her emulsion storage stability study utilizing waste streams from whey protein isolation. Prior to starting she needed to test the emulsion capacity of her samples using the titration method shown above.

Claire Boyle UMN

Claire Boyle is working hard on the HPLC

IFTSA College Bowl 2018 University of Minnesota

Many students in the Ismail Lab are joined by other graduate and undergraduate students to compete in the IFTSA Area Meeting College Bowl Competition at the University of Missouri in April 2018. The Wolf Pack was happy to place second!

Claire Boyle and Her Camelina Seed

"One seed to rule them all." Claire Boyle demonstrates the gumming properties of her camlina oilseed, from which she plans to extract the proteins for characterization and functionality assessment.